Top 10 Famous Dog Trainers in America

Dog training has become increasingly popular in America, with many celebrity dog trainers gaining fame through TV shows, books, and other media. Here are 10 of the most famous and influential dog trainers in the United States today:

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1. Cesar Millan

Arguably the most well-known dog trainer, Cesar Millan is often simply referred to as the “Dog Whisperer”. Millan grew up working with dogs on his grandfather’s farm in Mexico, then immigrated to the US and became a celebrity dog trainer with his Emmy-nominated TV show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” which ran from 2004-2012. He emphasizes exercise, discipline, and affection as the pillars of dog training, and advocates for a calm, assertive energy from owners. Millan has worked with many celebrities’ dogs and runs a rehabilitation center called the Dog Psychology Center.

2. Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell is a dog trainer, author, and TV personality best known for her show “It’s Me or the Dog” which ran from 2005-2012 on Animal Planet. Her approach focuses on positive reinforcement and she advocates for force-free training methods. Stilwell serves as a judge on competition shows like Greatest American Dog and Dogs Might Fly, and she created her own line of dog training equipment. She also founded the Victoria Stilwell Academy which offers online dog training courses.

3. Zak George

Zak George is a new generation YouTube-famous dog trainer with millions of followers across his social media channels. His videos focus on positive reinforcement techniques for pet dog owners. George also hosted the show “Superfetch” on Animal Planet and he has a line of dog training products like leashes and collars. His social media presence and relatable training style make him one of the most influential modern dog experts.

4. Kyra Sundance

Kyra Sundance is a celebrity dog trainer and stunt dog performer known for her work with dogs in movies, commercials, and TV. She has trained animals for shows like 101 Dalmatians and The Chronicles of Narnia, and for companies like Nestle and Toyota. Sundance is the founder of Stunt Dog Productions which provides trained dogs for entertainment. She also offers in-person and online dog training classes.

5. Tamar Geller

Tamar Geller is a dog trainer and author who focuses on understanding canine psychology. She developed a training philosophy called “The Loved Dog” which emphasizes building a dog’s self-esteem through positive reinforcement. Geller has worked with many celebrity clients, has published several dog training books, and hosted the show “Tamar Geller’s A Puppy Called Christmas”. She rescues and rehabilitates dogs at her ranch in California.

6. Cindy Ludwig

Cindy Ludwig is one of the most respected and sought-after dog trainers in the country. She is an AKC judge and the founder of the Canine Enrichment company which provides products, seminars, and courses to improve dogs’ lives. Ludwig’s training approach uses games and positive reinforcement to build confidence and trust. She has worked with organizations like the ASPCA and trains service dogs for nonprofits.

7. Ian Dunbar

Veterinarian and animal behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar pioneered the concept of puppy socialization classes in the 1970s. He founded Sirius Puppy Training which promotes positive training methods and advocates for pet adoption. Dunbar has authored dozens of books on dog behavior and training, including the bestselling How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks. He also helped launch the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

8. Martin Deeley

Martin Deeley is an internationally renowned dog trainer who specializes in working with aggressive dogs. He is a master dog trainer certified by the IACP, and developed the Florida K-9 Obedience Training Program which trains police dogs. Deeley hosts seminars on dog behavior and has authored books like The Dog Whisperer and Training Your Superdog. He is also a regular expert on news programs.

9. Andrea Arden

Andrea Arden is a nationally recognized pet expert who focuses on positive reinforcement techniques. She is the founder of Andrea Arden Dog Training which operates in New York City. Arden regularly appears on TV and radio, and hosts pet care seminars across the country. She has worked with dogs for over 25 years and published several books on dog training and pet care.

10. Brian Kilcommons

Brian Kilcommons is a top dog trainer, author, and animal welfare advocate. He has authored over 20 books on dogs, including the bestsellers Good Owners, Great Dogs and Dogs Behaving Badly. Kilcommons pioneered the idea of teaching owners how to train their own dogs through his books and classes. He also hosted the Animal Planet show Dogs with Issues and frequently appears on news shows as a dog training expert. This list covers some of the most influential and recognizable professional dog trainers who have shaped dog training in America through their books, TV shows, instructional programs, and advocacy for positive training methods. Their unique approaches, philosophies, and media presence have helped educate dog owners across the country on how to understand, train, and build strong relationships with their canine companions.